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Virginia Democrats say victory in obscure local race signals end of Trump

By FENIT NIRAPPIL, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

As Tuesday’s House race in Georgia was drawing intense national scrutiny for signs of The Trump Effect on local races, a Democrat defeated a powerful GOP lawmaker for an obscure Prince William County office that activists on both sides call either a harbinger or a wake-up call. Democrat Jackie Smith beat Del. Jackson Miller, the popular Republican House Majority Whip with far more campaign cash, by eight points to become the Prince William County clerk of court.

VaNews April 20, 2017

Democrats emboldened by win; Jackie Smith 'ready to get to work'

By ALEX KOMA, Sun Gazette

Taken in a vacuum, Democrat Jackie Smith’s win in a special election for Prince William County’s clerk of circuit court could seem like just a modest victory for local liberals — but Democrats around the state are proclaiming her success as a herald for things to come in the November election.

VaNews April 20, 2017

Democrat Jacqueline Smith beats long odds, big money in special election

By JILL PALERMO , Prince William Times

Prince William County has long been friendly territory for Republicans when it comes to off-year special elections. Not this time. Democrat Jacqueline Smith beat long odds and big money today when she emerged victorious in the special contest for Prince William County Circuit Court Clerk.

VaNews April 19, 2017