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Bipartisan bill in Va. chips away at Dominion’s excess profits

By GREGORY S. SCHNEIDER, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

Two state lawmakers unveiled a bipartisan effort on Thursday to reclaim the state's authority to set electric rates, a sign that the incoming Democratic-controlled legislature may take on Virginia's biggest utility, Dominion Energy. Dels. Lee Ware (R-Powhatan) and Jerrauld C. “Jay” Jones (D-Norfolk) said their proposal is a “common sense” effort to restore protections for consumers.

VaNews December 13, 2019

Norfolk Delegate Jay Jones speaks on race and politics in Virginia


As the 2019 General Assembly session ended, Sunday, Norfolk Delegate Jay Jones (D), 89th District, is speaking out about the crisis that consumed the Virginia Capitol and the state of race relations in the Commonwealth. Revelations of blackface embroiled Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring, which Jones said pointed to a painful history that he and other black Americans have endured for generations.

VaNews February 25, 2019

Black lawmakers struggle with painful questions as scandals unfold around race, sex

By GREGORY S. SCHNEIDER, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

Del. Lashrecse D. Aird faces an awful dilemma. The Petersburg Democrat and other members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus have called for the resignations of Gov. Ralph Northam (D), whom many had worked to elect, and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), only the second African American to win statewide office in Virginia’s history. But constituents have been telling Aird they don’t want either man to step down.

VaNews February 13, 2019

General Assembly's youngest delegate reflects on past legislative session


At 28 years old, Jay Jones went to Richmond in January as the youngest member of the General Assembly. The Norfolk Delegate rode the wave election to become part of the most diverse legislative body in the history of the Commonwealth, carrying expectations that a more progressive agenda may be pursed.

VaNews May 22, 2018

Gov. Northam signs "Ashanti Alert" into law for missing, abducted adults

By JORDAN PASCALE , Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

Gov. Ralph Northam signed a local lawmaker’s missing adult alert system bill into law Thursday. The “critically missing adult” alert would be sent out by the Virginia State Patrol for missing adults whose “whereabouts are unknown, who is believed to have been abducted and whose disappearance poses a credible threat to their health and safety.”

VaNews April 9, 2018

State and local elected officials oppose solid waste facility

By RYAN MURPHY , Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

State and local officials are opposing a proposed waste recovery facility that would be run by former Portsmouth councilman Danny Meeks. The facility would separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste. That would happen indoors, and no refuse would be stored on-site overnight, Meeks said.

VaNews March 20, 2018

Freshman delegate says communication is key in navigation

By LIA TABACKMAN, VCU Capital News Service

After winning the 28th House District by only 73 votes, Republican Del. Bob Thomas of Fredericksburg dove head first into the 2018 legislative session, saying communication with his colleagues was key to navigating his first year in the General Assembly. Apparently, he's a good communicator. The House and Senate approved five of Thomas' bills - tops among first-year delegates:

VaNews March 13, 2018

Historic Triangle tax bill advances as Norment, Pogge split

By DAVE RESS, Daily Press (Metered Paywall - 1 article a month)

Two James City County conservatives, usually close allies, split over a bill intended to promote Historic Triangle tourism, disagreeing on questions of core functions of government and local tax authority. In what she said was her first public disagreement with one of Virginia’s most powerful politicians, Del. Brenda Pogge, R-Norge, said she could not support Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. “Tommy” Norment Jr.’s proposal for a sales tax surcharge to finance a tourism program.

VaNews February 27, 2018

Virginia Senate committee votes in favor of ‘Ashanti Alert’ bill


The “Ashanti Alert” bill is continuing to move through the Virginia General Assembly, after a Senate committee voted unanimously in favor the bill. The Virginia Courts of Justice Committee voted 15-0 on Monday in favor of the bill, which was drafted by Del. Jerrauld “Jay” Jones, of Norfolk, last November.

VaNews February 27, 2018

Freshman delegates learn even the simplest of bills are tough to pass

By JORDAN PASCALE , Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

Let’s check in with the four new delegates from Hampton Roads just over halfway through their first session. Many of them expressed awe at the office and the historic Capitol designed by Jefferson and the little stuff – like the official stationary. They also said it was a lot harder to pass bills than they thought. They submitted 42 bills, and 11 of them have passed the House.

VaNews February 20, 2018