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VaNews for Bland County

East River Mountain gives up hidden treasures

By MILLIE ROTHROCK, Bland County Messenger

Coming back from Bluefield, West Virginia, last month, Mike Reed was driving on old Hwy. 52 across the East River Mountain when he spotted a blue carpet. Someone had pitched it at an illegal trash dump along the side of the mountain. Thinking the carpet would look great under his lawnmower, Reed, hopped out of his vehicle to retrieve it. Just then, he noticed a sparkle.

VaNews December 25, 2015

Bland County official gets upset, walks out of meeting

By MILLIE ROTHROCK, Bland County Messenger

Bland County Supervisor Nick Asbury walked out of last week’s board meeting after his fellow supervisors declined to vote on two of his motions. The first motion concerned removing a community member from all county boards; the second one was about improving security at the courthouse. As he exited the courtroom where the board meets, Asbury told board members to “have a good night” before he swung open the courthouse doors and left the room.

VaNews October 8, 2015

U.S. Forest Service makes example of ATV rider in Bland County

By JEFF STURGEON, Roanoke Times (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

The U.S. Forest Service is citing the case of an ATV rider who was fined for damaging the Kimberling Creek Wilderness in Bland County as a reminder of laws designed to safeguard natural places from man-made impacts. The Kimberling area is a 5,805-acre, federally declared wilderness under stringent conservation laws. While hiking, hunting, horseback riding and other relatively low-impact activities are permitted, the law forbids vehicles, mechanized equipment such as bicycles and carts and items such as chain saws.

VaNews May 21, 2013

Many Mt. Rogers cancer deaths attributed to delays in diagnosis, treatment

By DAVID MCGEE, Bristol Herald Courier (Metered Paywall - 15 articles a month)

Facing cancer is traumatic, but imagine receiving that diagnosis and not seeking treatment because it's too expensive, not easily accessible or the disease is just too advanced to treat. A significant number of residents of Virginia's Mount Rogers Health District regularly face those choices, according to a comprehensive cancer needs assessment funded by the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission.

VaNews May 6, 2013