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VaNews for Todd Gilbert

Gilbert introduces school safety legislation

By KIM WALTER, Northern Virginia Daily

Del. C. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, introduced legislation on Thursday that could give localities a cheaper option in protecting school children. Gilbert filed House Bill 2277, which would change the definition of "school security officer" to refer only to qualified former and retired law enforcement officers, and would provide armed security at all public schools.

VaNews January 19, 2013

Gilbert: State, localities rely too much on fed money

By ALEX BRIDGES, Northern Virginia Daily

Virginia and its localities' reliance on federal money may cost them the horse race if those sources dry up, a state legislator warns. Del. C. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, filed a resolution in the current General Assembly directing the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study the amount of federal revenue that Virginia receives annually at the state and local level by functional area and to determine the funds' importance and impact.

VaNews January 11, 2013

GOP delegate, ACLU to push legislation on drones

By ANDREW CAIN , Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 7 articles a month)

Del. C. Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, and the ACLU of Virginia are working on legislation to regulate the use of unmanned aircraft in Virginia. During a May 29 radio appearance, Gov. Bob McDonnell signaled that he is open to the domestic use of drones in law enforcement. That triggered a statement of concern from a civil-liberties group about the threat to privacy, but the use of drones by state police does not appear imminent.

VaNews July 13, 2012

Drone fears unite Virginia ACLU and conservative delegate

By LAURA VOZZELLA, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

Virginia has drones to thank for a new political odd couple: Del. Todd C. Gilbert (R-Shenandoah), one of the most conservative members of the Virginia House, and the ACLU of Virginia. The deputy House majority leader and the American Civil Liberties Union announced Thursday that they are working together on legislation to regulate the use of the pilotless aircraft by police. Gilbert and the ACLU have more often butted heads — most recently over a Gilbert-sponsored bill allowing state-funded private adoption agencies to turn away prospective parents if they objected to their sexual orientation or religion.

VaNews July 13, 2012

Va. lobbyist works tirelessly to soften sex crime laws

By SCOTT DAUGHERTY, Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

Mary Devoy doesn't like the idea of dangerous rapists roaming the streets, doesn't want child molesters wandering the halls of schools. But as the executive director of Reform Sex Offender Laws of Virginia, Devoy knows most people think the worst. Devoy has spent more than three years lobbying the General Assembly on behalf of the state's nearly 19,000 registered sex offenders.

VaNews March 27, 2012

Va. legislators get Twitter-savvy

By ANITA KUMAR, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

It used to be easier to end debate in the Virginia General Assembly. A legislator — in the majority party, of course — fed up with the heated rhetoric on any issue simply made a motion. There was a quick vote. Voila. It’s over.But these days, the debate can drag on — and on. In this legislative session more than any other — particularly in the younger, rowdier House of Delegates — lawmakers who want to be heard when they’re denied speaking time take to the Twitterverse.

VaNews March 8, 2012

Officials respond to RSW Regional jail outcry

By SALLY VOTH, Northern Virginia Daily

The only elected officials who really have the power to stop the regional jail train are the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, said Monday. Several residents exhorted the Board of Supervisors last week to back out of the RSW (Rappahannock, Shenandoah, Warren) Regional Jail project, which is expected to cost $72 million in construction and related expenses.

VaNews March 6, 2012

'Triggerman' revision killed by Va. Senate panel

By LARRY O'DELL, Associated Press

For the fifth year in a row, the Virginia General Assembly has rejected legislation to expand the state's death penalty law. The Senate Courts of Justice Committee voted 8-6, with one abstention, on Wednesday to kill a proposal to allow the death penalty for accomplices who share a murderer's intent to kill.

VaNews February 23, 2012

House again puts off ultrasound vote

By OLYMPIA MEOLA AND WESLEY P. HESTER , Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 7 articles a month)

For the second day in a row, the House of Delegates on Tuesday delayed final votes on a number of issues, including a bill to require women to undergo an ultrasound prior to an abortion.

VaNews February 22, 2012

House delays votes on contentious measures

By WESLEY P. HESTER , Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 7 articles a month)

With hundreds protesting outside the Capitol, multiple contentious bills that appeared poised for final passage today were delayed by the state’s House of Delegates.

VaNews February 21, 2012