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Bill to create immigrant-assistance office defeated in committee

Inside NOVA

State Sen. Adam Ebbin’s proposal to create an Office of Immigrant Assistance within the Virginia state government has failed to clear a state Senate committee. The Senate Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services voted 8-7 to kill the measure by Ebbin (D-30th). Similar measures by Ebbin in 2016 and 2017, plus longstanding efforts by former Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Prince William), to create such an office have never made it into law.

VaNews February 8, 2018

Republicans on Senate panel resist removing obsolete gay-marriage ban from state code


By a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage the law of the land in 2015. So a Virginia panel that reviews outdated language in state law unanimously recommended that the Virginia General Assembly strip obsolete language banning gay marriage.

VaNews February 6, 2018

Virginia Senate Republicans kill bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana

By PATRICK WILSON, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 7 articles a month)

Republicans on a Senate committee Monday killed a bill that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana by changing the punishment from a criminal misdemeanor to a civil penalty. The Virginia ACLU and a representative of the Northam administration both backed Senate Bill 111 from Sen. Adam Ebbin, D-Alexandria, and the bill was opposed by the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys.

VaNews January 30, 2018

Northern Virginia Lawmakers Prepare for Raucous Session

By MICHAEL LEE POPE, Connection Newspapers

This year’s General Assembly will be like no other. For starters, members walking the halls of the Capitol will not look different. The crop of freshman includes the first transgender woman to serve in the Virginia General Assembly, the first lesbian, the first Asian-American woman and the first two Latinas.

VaNews January 5, 2018

Ebbin proposal would allow governors to serve multiple terms


State Sen. Adam Ebbin will be among those in Richmond who will be seeking to give Virginia’s governors the chance to succeed themselves. Ebbin (D-31st) has introduced legislation to amend Virginia’s 1971 state constitution allowing governors elected in 2021 and thereafter to succeed themselves.

VaNews December 27, 2017

Ebbin: The statues are moving, and the names are changing

By ADAM P. EBBIN, published in Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

The horrific events in Charlottesville this month have given new urgency to the important discussion of public monuments to the Confederacy. Virginians must address the impact that lionizing the Confederacy has had on the character and laws of our commonwealth. We must do so with an honest understanding of the history of oppression of Virginians of color — and what symbols of that history still mean today.

The writer, a Democrat, represents the 30th District in the Virginia Senate.

VaNews August 28, 2017

Virginia raises a toast to George Washington’s whiskey

By MEGAN CORSANO, VCU Capital News Service

George Washington is recognized as the father of our country, but with a bill signed into law by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Washington also will be recognized under another title – distiller of Virginia’s official liquor. SB 1261, sponsored by Sen. Adam Ebbin of Alexandria, adds a “state spirit” to the list of the commonwealth’s official emblems and designations and crowns George Washington’s rye whiskey with the title.

VaNews March 22, 2017

A loss, then a win, on commemorating women’s suffrage in Va.

Sun Gazette

His own legislation didn’t make it to the finish line, but state Sen. Adam Ebbin says the state government will still commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s gaining the right to vote. Ebbin (D-30th) had patroned legislation this session establishing a commission to honor the centennial and plan for statewide events in 2020. The measure ... got hung up in the Committee on Finance ... But never fear, Ebbin said: A companion bill sponsored by Del. Kathy Byron (R-Forest) passed both houses and is awaiting the governor’s signature.

VaNews March 7, 2017

Ebbin measure on George Washington’s whiskey heads to governor

Sun Gazette

The rye whiskey developed by George Washington at Mount Vernon in the late 1700s will be designated Virginia’s official “state spirit” under legislation patroned by state Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-30th) and passed by both houses of the legislature. The measure, which now awaits a decision by Gov. McAuliffe, would add the whiskey to Virginia’s long list of official emblems and designations, joining the likes of milk (state beverage),

VaNews February 24, 2017

Those nabbed with marijuana may get slight break: keeping licenses

Sun Gazette

Legislation amending current rules on the loss of drivers’ licenses for those involved with marijuana possession has passed the state Senate and moved to the House of Delegates. The bill, patroned by Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-30th), removes the automatic six-month suspension of a driver’s license for adults who are placed on “deferred disposition” on charges of simple possession of marijuana. It passed the Senate, 38-2.

VaNews February 7, 2017