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Attorney General Herring on human trafficking in Virginia: ‘We will be relentless’


Attorney General Mark Herring continued this efforts to fight human trafficking Tuesday by collaborating with the Richmond Regional Human Trafficking Collaborative. On Tuesday, the pair new initiatives that will improve the way the Richmond region responds to human trafficking.

VaNews November 27, 2019

JLARC gives good review to Virginia Attorney General's Office

By PATRICK WILSON, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 7 articles a month)

Attorney General Mark Herring’s office got mostly good reviews from state analysts, who issued a report Monday saying the office provides first-rate legal services, uses outside counsel appropriately and effectively investigates Medicaid fraud at no expense to the state. Republican lawmakers in 2017 requested the review by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, the General Assembly’s watchdog arm.

VaNews November 26, 2019

Attorney General Mark Herring to host ‘Cannabis Summit’ ahead of 2020 session

By GRAHAM MOOMAW, Virginia Mercury

Attorney General Mark Herring has invited state lawmakers to a “Cannabis Summit” next month that will feature policymakers from states that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana and academics who study cannabis-related issues.

VaNews November 20, 2019

State of Virginia sues Teva Pharmaceuticals over opioids

Associated Press

Virginia’s attorney general filed a new lawsuit Thursday over the opioid crisis, even as the top government lawyers in some states are pushing to settle claims over powerful prescription painkillers. Mark Herring’s suit alleges that Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, which is part of an Israel-based company, and Cephalon, a drug company bought by Teva in 2011, misrepresented the benefits and risks of products that include fentanyl.

VaNews November 1, 2019

Immigration battle pits present, past Virginia attorneys general

By DAVE RESS, Daily Press (Metered Paywall - 1 article a month)

In a clash of two Virginia attorneys general — Mark Herring and his predecessor, Ken Cuccinelli — a federal judge has put on hold Cuccinelli’s bid to expand the grounds to deny visa renewals and requests for the “green cards” that open a path to citizenship.

VaNews October 15, 2019

Virginia's AG continues fight for clean air, climate change efforts


Attorney General Mark Herring stepped up to defend the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to protect clean air and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Herring said there have been recent concerns because the Trump Administration may not vigorously defend the authority in pending lawsuits brought by fossil fuel companies.

VaNews October 10, 2019

Virginia AG supports legalizing recreational marijuana

By JEFF RAINES, VCU Capital News Service

Attorney General Mark Herring tweeted his support for the legalization of recreational marijuana in Virginia Tuesday night. “Virginians know we can do better. It’s time to move toward legal, regulated adult use,” Herring said in his retweet of a study that revealed more than half of Virginians agree with him.

VaNews October 3, 2019

Virginia needs to look at how we handle expunging convictions, Herring says

By DAVE RESS, Daily Press (Metered Paywall - 1 article a month)

If Virginia were to decriminalize possession of marijuana, what ought we to do about keeping records of past convictions? For that matter, what about convictions for behavior Virginia once considered a crime -- like vagrancy or inter-racial marriage? How about grand larceny when a past conviction is for stealing $201, now that the threshold that turns theft into a felony is $500? It’s the question of expunging criminal records, and Attorney General Mark Herring thinks Virginia ought to make it an option in more cases than it does.

VaNews September 30, 2019

Va. isn’t ready to settle with Purdue — yet


In recent weeks, several states have settled opioid lawsuits brought against Purdue Pharma. Virginia isn’t one them. Attorney General Mark Herring said in a release he won’t agree to a settlement until it’s in the “best interest of Virginians” and Purdue and the Sacklers “must face real, significant, personal accountability.”

VaNews September 24, 2019

Virginia attorney general says habitual drunkard law should not be enforced

By FRANK GREEN, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 7 articles a month)

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has issued an opinion that commonwealth’s attorneys may no longer seek to have someone declared as a “habitual drunkard” and bar them from possessing alcohol. The opinion stems from a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in July

VaNews September 23, 2019