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VaNews for 2019 House of Delegates - District 6 - Regular General

Lawyer’s use of legislative continuance questioned

By PETER VIETH, Virginia Lawyers Weekly (Subscription required for some articles)

The Supreme Court of Virginia may question a state lawyer-legislator next month about his extended use of the state’s legislative continuance privilege. Del. Jeffrey Campbell, R-Marion, has used the legislative continuance statute to delay a Supreme Court appeal for more than a year based on an ongoing 2018 special session of the General Assembly.

VaNews November 15, 2019

Marion's Jim Barker to seek 6th District House of Delegates seat

By STAFF REPORT, Smyth County News & Messenger

A Marion man has chosen to throw his hat into the ring for a House of Delegates seat. James “Jim” Barker will run on the Democratic ticket for the Virginia General Assembly 6th House District seat. Barker is challenging incumbent Jeff Campbell, a Republican and also a resident of Smyth County. Barker got the Democrats’ nod through an open caucus on May 25.

VaNews June 6, 2019