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VaNews for Halifax County

Halifax prosecutor alleges missteps in parole of woman convicted of murder, seeks reconsideration

By FRANK GREEN, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Access to this article limited to subscribers)

The Halifax County commonwealth’s attorney is asking the Virginia State Parole Board to reconsider a grant made to one of three people convicted in the 2011 murder of Eric Wynn, who was shot in the head and whose body was tossed down a well. In a letter Monday, Tracy Q. Martin alleged that the board ignored the law in granting parole to Debra K. Scribner, 66,...

VaNews April 22, 2020

Transparency in courthouse renovation project still a concern for Halifax Town Council

By DOUG FORD, Gazette Virginian

Halifax Town Council renewed its call for transparency in plans for renovating the courthouse at Tuesday’s meeting. Council again urged the lines of communication be opened between them and county officials in terms of site plans and the impact on the town in terms of parking and other issues.

VaNews July 14, 2017

Courts’ power to compel project questioned

By TOM MCLAUGHLIN, South Boston News & Record

Repeatedly over the past four years, members of the Halifax County Board of Supervisors have warned that the county must act to repair its crumbling courthouse or stand aside and watch judges dictate the scope of improvements — at an exorbitant cost to taxpayers. ... Under the Code, judges can go to court “to cause the necessary work to be done.” ... Del. James Edmunds, who said he learned of the budget language during this year’s session of the General Assembly, has advised county supervisors that they do not have to proceed with the Courthouse Project...

VaNews September 5, 2016

Study: Lasting pollution at coal ash ponds

South Boston News & Record

Duke Energy coal ash ponds in North Carolina — including two across the state line from Halifax County — have produced evidence of long-lasting contamination of nearby surface and groundwater sources, according to a new study by Duke University scientists.

VaNews June 15, 2016

Herring: South Boston policing ‘below the public’s expectations’

By STAFF REPORT, Mecklenburg Sun

Halifax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tracy Quackenbush Martin and City of Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Herring held a joint press conference Tuesday afternoon in Halifax to discuss their decision not to charge South Boston officers in the death of Linwood Raymond Lambert Jr., who died three years ago in police custody. Earlier on Tuesday morning, Martin released a 76-page report that delved into the circumstances of Lambert’s death and the actions of three officers who used Tasers to subdue the Richmond construction worker as he tried to escape custody outside the local hospital emergency room.

VaNews May 5, 2016

Dunavant blasts council for involvement in ‘rigged’ process over school bid

By PAULA BRYANT, Gazette Virginian

Jack Dunavant is livid. The Halifax Town Councilman who unsuccessfully attempted to claim ownership of the former Halifax Elementary School property last month is accusing members of Halifax Council and the Halifax County Board of Supervisors of being involved in “a rigged” process.

VaNews April 15, 2016

Machine flaws raise potential of misvote

By TOM MCLAUGHLIN, South Boston News & Record

Citing widespread problems with Halifax County’s voting machines, sheriff candidate Chris Hudson said yesterday he plans to challenge the results of the Nov. 3 election by taking the matter to court. Hudson, who placed a distant third in the sheriff’s race, said he has been in contact with an election lawyer to determine what steps are open for him to address potential ballot errors.

VaNews December 14, 2015

First woman mayor for Town of Halifax sworn in

By PAULA BRYANT, Gazette Virginian

Former Halifax County School System Chief Financial Officer William R. “Bill” Covington was appointed to fill the Halifax Town Council vacancy in Ward D, and Kristy Johnson, the town’s first female mayor, was sworn in Tuesday evening during the council’s regular monthly meeting.

VaNews December 11, 2015

Calibration issues found with voting machines

By PAULA BRYANT, Gazette Virginian

Chris Hudson, a former investigator with the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department who unsuccessfully ran against incumbent Sheriff Fred S. Clark in the Nov. 3 election, told supervisors they need to act immediately on replacing the county’s voting machines. Hudson, who came in third in the sheriff’s race in November behind winner Fred Clark and Thomas Logan, voiced concerns during the public comment period of Monday’s board of supervisors meeting

VaNews December 9, 2015

Deadlock Broken: Supes elect leaders, adopt budget

By PAULA BRYANT, Gazette Virginian

After five full months of dysfunctional behavior that has resulted in a leaderless governing body, the Halifax County Board of Supervisors yielded to the public’s demand, got their acts together and successfully elected a chairman and vice chairman during their regular monthly meeting Monday night in Halifax.

VaNews June 2, 2015